Small Soldiers (1998)

There were an array of childrens movies released during the 90s, Small Soldiers being one of them deserving a mention. You probably remember this movie for that bad ass commander of the Commando Elite team, Chip Hazard (voiced by Tommy Lee Jones).
Basically, a company responsible for manufacturing military arsenals decide to create a line of intelligent toys. It all goes wrong when an advanced chip is used to power these toys and thus, a war between the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite ensue.

A line of toys were also released featuring the characters of the movie. Isn't it great that all toy movie characters are crafted true to how they appear in films? Anyhow, grab yourself a copy of the movie to watch. Even in my twenties (where do the years go?), I was still able to enjoy it.

You do not want to meet these fellas in a dark alley

Tomy Turbo Racing Cockpit (Circa 1980)

Nostalgia more?

I never owned this toy but a friend of mine had one of this, and I was indeed very jealous. The Turbo Racing Cockpit manufactured by Tomy allowed players to steer a racing car that can be seen on the monitor. It featured a steering wheel, ignition key and an accelerator stick. You never really crash or die, it's just rev it up and go. Toys don't get cooler than that.

Having done some research into this toy, it was actually made in the 80s, but it makes an appearance on this blog due to its life through to the 90s. Shine on Tomy.

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (1997)

Arguably one of the greatest hits of the 90s and also making appearances in many greatest ever tracks charts, this anthem is memorable not only for the violin sample, but also for the music video where we see front man Richard Ashcroft clad in a leather jacket walking down a busy London street. Refusing to step aside, he bumps everybody who gets in his way.

Great clip and video. Parlophone has disabled embedding their videos on YouTube so I had to grab the video from another source.

Rocko's Modern Life (1993 - 1996)

I'd like to be posting on a daily basis, but some holiday season called Christmas has made it a bit hectic. I will try my best to keep the posts coming.

Alrighty, so this will be my first post on cartoons of the 90s, with much more to come. Ah yes, cartoons back in the day were great weren't they? I really couldn't decide which to write about first, but I eventually settled to one of my all time favourites: Rocko's Modern Life.
The show follows the life of Rocko, a humble wallaby from Australia dressed in a blue triangle patterned shirt. Episodes are plotted on the daily chores of everyday life, where he meets certain challenges he must overcome. Playmates include his best friend Heffer, a steer with an eating disorder, and Filburt, a neurotic turtle whom you probably remember for his ramblings, most notably, 'I'm nauseous, I'm nauseous'. You probably also remember the super catchy intro theme. Not to worry if you don't, it's in the video below. Groovy town!

Rocko and his loyal companion Spunky
The producers did an excellent job of creating a solid show with likable characters and entertaining plots that captured the hearts of all who followed the series. Sadly, only 4 seasons were made, which is quite a number of episodes but it would have been nice to see it continue longer, as the show really Rocko'd (bet you didn't see that pun coming dohohoho).

So to sum it all up, great show, hilarity aplenty, truly a top notch cartoon. Now all they need to do is to release it on DVD in Australia so I can grab myself a copy and watch it for hours on end.

Fun facts: Tom Kenny, who provides the voice for Heffer is also the voice actor for SpongeBob SquarePants.

Hanson (1997)

Although the title does state that this blog is about all the GOOD stuff, without word or mention of these fellas would mean to not be capturing the essence of the 90s.

You love 'em, you hate 'em, you love to hate 'em. The trio, the brothers, that band where the guys all have really long hair and girly voices. Too correct you are good sir, it is indeed Hanson.

The group had been recording since the early 90s, but hadn't broken into the mainstream 'til the fall of 1997. Like me, you probably hated on them for no apparent reason. Do you remember when you first experienced Hanson? I sure don't, but that girl in primary school you sat next to were head over heels for them. Best known for their hit single MMMBop, they created a storm and many preteen hearts were stolen, mostly females. You probably also remember the shirts and that sign. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see below to get a feel for that slightly irate yet fleeting nostalgia.

What is this I don't even-

The shirts all the females were wearing.

Lo and behold, the clip that started it all.

Tamagotchi (1996)

You weren't a child of the 90s if you didn't own one of these. Appealing to boys and girls in a like manner, the release of the Tamagotchi created a surge in popularity for digital toys during the mid 90s.

Fashioned in the shape of an egg, users start off with a blob having hatched after activation. Once the owner has decided a name for the newborn, they are then given an ongoing task of having to nurture the Tamagotchi. This includes providing it with sustenance, playing games, ensuring its well being, cleaning its doo doo, punishment for wrong doings, praise for right doings and making sure the Tamagotchi maintains a healthy weight. Neglect or failure to meet the basic necessities resulted in sure death and had the child running to his mother crying like a baby.

So all in all a great little gadget, which annoyed many a teacher. I myself actually won a Tamagotchi through a promotion where founders of a golden egg in muesli bar packets were able to claim a free Tamagotchi. Now let's see those little truckers!

For the lads

For the gals

For the funky

For the special lads

Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (1997)

I thought I'd start the blog off with this number seeing as it's one of the music videos that instantly come to mind when reminiscing my childhood days (unfortunately, for me and most likely you the reader, those days are long gone. sigh).

You may recall the video where Toni's hubby inadvertently slams into a car, causing death. A series of montages showing flashbacks of when they were together follow, along with scenes of the lover doing mad kung fu styles and Toni all alone in her mansion. I'll also add that Toni looks totally stunning in the clip. Check it out for yourself and you may find yourself nodding in agreement.