Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (1997)

I thought I'd start the blog off with this number seeing as it's one of the music videos that instantly come to mind when reminiscing my childhood days (unfortunately, for me and most likely you the reader, those days are long gone. sigh).

You may recall the video where Toni's hubby inadvertently slams into a car, causing death. A series of montages showing flashbacks of when they were together follow, along with scenes of the lover doing mad kung fu styles and Toni all alone in her mansion. I'll also add that Toni looks totally stunning in the clip. Check it out for yourself and you may find yourself nodding in agreement.


  1. Oh wow, I had completely forgot about this song!

  2. I never even heard this when it was popular, luckily. I'm not a fan at all.